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XYL'EM : Xylem embolism-meter



From July 2012 and after 10 years on the international market, the Xyl'em becomes the Xyl'em-Plus.


Studies involving measurements of Xylem embolism are becoming more and more frequent.  INRA has developped a stand alone system called Xy'lem-Plus and asked Bronkhorst France to sell it.


This rugged and portable instrument can be used immediately in a laboratory or in the field as a stand alone instrument or connected to a PC. We can adapt, if necessary, the specifications of the Xyl'em-Plus to your application.


  • Can be used in the lab or in the field
  • Applicable for a large variety of plants
  • Easy to use
  • Software of analysis and communication included. 
  • Delivered by default with an internal 50g/h mass flow meter, it can work with an external flow meter according to your needs, from 5g/h to 100g/h (range to be defined) 
  • Communication interface RS-232
  • Tropical area protection
  • Stainless steel fittings


The Xyl'em-Plus system covers a wide range of applications in agriculture research like :

  • Xyl'em hydraulic conductance and embolism measurement in the lab or in the field
  • Plant physiology and plant water relations
  • Analysis of plant hydraulic architecture
  • Evaluation of plant drought resistance
  • Evaluation of plant frost resistance
  • Impact of Xy'lem pathogens


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