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PVC production

CORI-FLOW™ Mass Flow Controllers used for charging with hazardous batch ingredients

Polyvinyl alcohols are used as suspending agents in the polymerization reactions of Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) to produce PVC. To aid the development of these additives our customer needed a pilot reactor. The pilot plant was designed to be capable of being tuned  to match the technology and production reaction characteristics of the full-scale PVC production units. A significant challenge included the containment of the toxic and flammable VCM raw material to deliver zero emissions to the environment.

The CORI-FLOW with integrated PID control functions receives the input signals from the pilot plant control system, driving the electromagnetic coil of the control valve. The Coriolis sensor is metal sealed and there is no gland packing or external connection to the plunger of the control valve, which eliminates all potential VCM leak paths in this area. The microprocessor-based intelligence within the CORI-FLOW unit itself can be used for digital RS232 or fieldbus interface as well as computation and control.